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Choudhary Cosmetics

Use of cosmetics for enhancing appearance is being in practice since long. On unfolding pages of history, one would be enlightened to know that Egyptian men and women have been known to use eye-liners, eye-shadows etc., for giving radiance to their looks. However, cosmetics, without glimpse of doubt comes under category of 'Essentials' because their usage helps in standing out amongst the crowd. In making people flaunt their looks a bit more, we, Choudhary Cosmetics, are helping indirectly. The answer of why indirectly lies in we being a great part of a supply chain management where we offer finely made Cosmetics to retailers, traders and wholesalers who then serve our products to end-buyers.

Nail Polish, Kajal, Liquid Mascara, Waterproof Eye Mascara and Rose Water are manufactured using quality-marked base materials which are sourced from renowned vendors.
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